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E-Commerce in WTO: Agenda for Nepal

South Asia Watch of Trade, Economics and Environment (SAWTEE) and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies (MOICS) jointly organized an interaction programme on 2nd July 2018 at Hotel Himalaya, Kupandole, with the objective of gathering inputs from various stakeholders of the Nepalese e-commerce industry, policy makers as well as those who could potentially benefit from e-commerce and digital economy.

Dr. Posh Raj Pandey, Executive Chairman, SAWTEE presented the preliminary findings of the ongoing research E-Commerce in Nepal: Domestic Preparation and Negotiating Strategies being done by SAWTEE. This presentation laid the foundation for participants and discussants to discuss on issues of domestic preparedness of Nepal as well as what needs to be done to be better prepared for the future. Dr. Pandey pointed out that the digital economy amounted to 6.5% of the global output and that the digital divide that exists between the developed and developing countries is keeping the developing countries from taking full benefit of the digital economy.

The programme was chaired by Mr. Chandra Kumar Ghimire, Secretary at MOICS who emphasized that it was necessary for Nepal to be prepared for dealing with issues related to e-commerce at the multilateral level.

The inputs gathered from the stakeholders will aid the ongoing research in identifying the negotiating positions and strategies for Nepal as well as in domestic preparedness.


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