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Pesticides Law and its Implementation

Intergovernmental coordination and awareness amongst the consumers and farmers are essential to prevent people from the harmful effects of pesticides. Excessive, improper use and unsound disposal of the pesticides calls for better regulation and implementation. Therefore there is a need to create awareness on optimal use of pesticides by strengthening agriculture extension services and also mobilizing the private sector. 

An interaction programme titled, ‘Pesticides Law and its Implementation’ was jointly organized by Plant Quarantine and Pesticides Management Centre (PQPMC), Forum for Protection of Consumers’ Rights-Nepal and South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics and Environment (SAWTEE) on 1 July 2019 to discuss the new Pesticides Bill which will replace the Pesticides Act 1991. 

The objective of the programme was to gather inputs on the regulation and bylaws, which would provide functional clarity to the upcoming legislation.