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Workshop for economic journalists in Koshi Province

South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics and Environment (SAWTEE) in collaboration with the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) organized a workshop for economic journalists of Koshi Province in Ilam on 7-8 September 2023. The objective of the workshop was to build the capacity of economic journalists in covering issues related to international trade and external sector. Twenty-five journalists from different media streams (e.g., radio, online and print) participated in the workshop.


Nepal-India Trade Treaty : Some Avenues for Review, Dr Paras Kharel, Executive Director, SAWTEE
External Sector: Balance of Payments, Other Related Statistics and Issues, Mr. Nara Bahadur Thapa, Former Executive Director, Nepal Rastra Bank
International trade analysis: ideas and tools, Mr. Kshitiz Dahal, Senior Research Officer, SAWTEE
Public Financial Management in Nepal : Documents and Data of Federal and Provincial Budget Cycle, Mr. Anirudra Neupane Deputy Team Leader, Community Engagement & Outreach
Nepal’s graduation from LDC status:Context and implications, Dr Paras Kharel, Executive Director, SAWTEE